Your Life with Nick Jonas!!!!!!!

Hey Guys!!!! now u can read all the stories at once!!! enjoy!!!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

You were beyond excited! You were going to your very first concert and of course it was a jonas brothers concert!!! (even Better) you were going with your best friend__ . you both thought the jonas brothers were GORGEOUS and both of you loved nick. (your friend__ had a different way of showing her affection for nick than you did...but anyways...) - - - As your friend's mom dropped you and __off at the concert you realized you were WAY to early! so early you realized... THE JONAS BROTHERS ARENT EVEN HERE YET!! As that thought ran through your mind, you saw thier tour bus pull into the loading dock. you then saw what seemed like a million teenage girls come out of nowhere and start running towards the bus. you and your friend
also(without thinking) run towards the bus. as the tour bus pulled into the "garage thingy", some JERK pushed you and you fall right under the AUTOMATIC DOOR which to your luck was about a foot and a half from your face. the last thing you remember was your friend yelling your name"_!" then.. Everything went black!!

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