Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 1

Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 1

This part of the story is going to be in 1st person point of view, 3rd point was boring me

Chapter 1

welcome to the malfoy manor

by: kinewnew
The sun shone through the blinds as I woke up to my father yelling “Adriana get up the Malfoys are expecting us to be there any minute.” ‘Oh great’ I thought. ‘I have to spend my whole summer with the Malfoys and their son.’ “Okay father, be right down” I yelled. Ever since mother died, father has been spending most of his spare time at the Malfoys. I was glad he had people he could confine in to make him forget about that incident. But this summer he decided it would be better if I could bond with the Malfoys also. It’s not I don’t like the Malfoys; it’s their son I despise. How can anyone want to spend their summer with someone insensitive and stuck up like him. Especially the way he treats my best friend Hermione. Hermione she is muggle born, whom he calls filthy little mudblood. “Binky” I called. My house elf. “Would you mind taking my bags downstairs?” I asked her. “Of, course not” she said bowing. I took one last look at my room before leaving.
“So how are we supposed to be getting there?” I asked father. “Floo powder.” He said as though it was a silly question “now remember to speak clearly adree.” I looked up he hadn’t called me adree since before mother died; I smiled and said “Malfoy manor” I fell with a thud. Still smiling and thinking about what father called me I looked up to see Draco staring at me arms crossed with no intent on helping me at all. “What are smiling about, smith?” malfoy asked smirking. “Wouldn’t you like to know malfoy” I said spurring up as much venom as I could as I stood up. He actually flinched back. “I would watch the way you talk to me, smith. Seeing as you will be staying here with me all summer” he said just as coldly. I walked away and went to greet his parents. “Hi Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy” “hi dear and please call me Narcissa.” She said. “Okay” I said unsure. “Hello Adriana you look more beautiful and beautiful every year, you and Draco would make a lovely couple. Pity you aren’t in Slytherin.” Mr. Malfoy said. “Yea such a pity” I said trying not to sound sarcastic. I heard Draco stifle a laugh in the background. “Oh Draco, lovely show Adriana her new room” Narcissa said. “Okay mother” he said. He grabbed my arm and started pulling me hard to the stairs. “Ow Draco, you are hurting me” I said. “Oh suck it up Adriana and walk faster,” he said tugging harder than before. I yanked my arm from his grasp. “I can follow without being dragged thank you, and did you just call me Adriana.” I said. “Whatever, and maybe I did.” He said with and unreadable expression. He led me to this room with the words Adriana boldly printed on it. He opened the door, I stood in the framed awestruck. “This is my room?” I asked. “Why yes smith, and the room that says Draco is mine. Such a wonder they taught you how to read.” He said smirking. I didn’t reply, still looking at my temporary room, who would have known Mr. Malfoy didn’t have a problem with decorations. A huge king size bed with a tent over that had the Gryffindor symbol. Gryffindor posters all around. Pictures of my quidditch team, though harry was surprisingly missing from the picture. My trunks where already on the bed but something was missing. “Where is lily?” I asked. “Where is your what?” malfoy asked. “Lily, my owl” I said.” oh your dad got you an owl; well she is probably in the cellar, where we keep all our other unwanted animals.” He said matter-of-factly. I looked at him with pure hatred “I want her up her with me now,” I said. “Fine, GINGER” he yelled. A house elf appeared a couple seconds later. Malfoy kicked her “what took you so long” he said coldly. I ran to her and picked her up. “What do you think you are doing, put it down right now?” He said. “No!” I replied sharply. He lifted up his hand and slapped me; my hand immediately went to the spot. He looked horrified “Adriana I’m so sorry I don-” “get out” I said taking in a deep breath. His usual malfoy look returned. “You can’t kick me out this is my own house, and I’ll stay if I damn well please.” He said, “Get out!” I said more firmly. He started walking out when he realized from my expression I wasn’t in the mood for arguing. He slammed the door when he was fully out. I turned and looked at the still scared house elf. “Ginger never saw malfoy listen to another peer before.” She said. “I wouldn’t be surprised, can you go to cellar and get my owl?” I asked her. She looked up at me surprised. “Know has ever asked ginger to do anything. They simply tell ginger to do it. Ginger will be honored to do it.” She said bowing and apparating out. Ginger was back a while letter. “Ginger has bought madam smith her owl.” She said bowing. “Thank you ginger and call me Adriana” I told her as I took lily’s cage. She bowed and apparated out. I sat lily down on the desk and started writing Hermione, Harry, and Ron a note, having a feeling they were at the weasleys.

Dear Hermione, Harry, and Ron,
You will never guess where I have to spend my summer, at the malfoy manor. My father wanted me to go with him this time and bond with Malfoy’s family. I can tell you already that being her is not going to be good. He has already laid a finger on me. He slapped me for protecting his house elf. Though on the bright side, the room they have me staying in is absolutely amazing. It is Gryffindor paradise; I think I might lock myself up here for the whole summer. Oh and his father thinks me and malfoy would make an absolute lovely couple. I gagged writing just writing that. Well please right me back a.s.a.p and frequently, I don’t know what I would do without a single letter from one of you guys.

I took lily out of her cage and opened the window. “Hi sweety, can you take this to the weasley’s for me” I said as I tied the note to her leg. She wooted and flew out of the window. I sat back down on the bed. There was a knock at my door, but before I could ask who it was the person already let their selves in…

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