Stuck in The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 33

Chapter 1

Chapter 33

by: ImBack_
---Justin's POV---
NO WAY. I read the text over and over again....i can't believe this.
/sorry Justin.....but i really don't think this is working between us. I mean i knew we shouldn't have been together before. Maybe being friends is just better. I still love you though. Don't hate me....through a text must seem really harsh. I don't mean to just dump you like that but...i really think us together was a mistake...sorry.
you being a hollywood star i knew that this was going to happen so.....have fun with your life and i'll have fun with mine. -Brooke
I think i'm about to cry. What did i do?
"Justin?" I heard Ellen say. I felt the tears in my eyes stinging, my eyes.
I looked out at the crowd all of their eyes were on me. I looked down at my hands and blinked for the first time as tears fell from my eyes.
"Uhh.......I just want you guys to know." I said, slowly bringing my head up.
"Brooke and I are no longer a couple....." i paused for a second before looking back down at the phone, as more tears dropped onto the phone.
"Why?" Ellen asked concerned.
I shook my head slowly and whispered, "I don't just came out of nowhere."
I sighed and placed my phone on the table in front of us before, turning back to ellen. I don't know why i'm crying so much. I hope this is a joke. It took all my power to hold in the tears. My face was turning red. "Justin are you okay?" ellen said handing me some tissue.
I didn't answer but tried my best to smile.

-------Ellen's POV----
(only for this one part)
He looks horrible. "Excuse me i need to call someone real quickly." he said grabbing his phone and walking to the back of the room. Everyone could still hear him loud and clear.
"Brooke?" he said. you could tell that he was crying by the sound of his voice.
"what did i do? i'm sorry i can fix it! we don't have to break up! please tell me!"
He paused and looked towards the audience wiping the tears from his face.
"Brooke i'm sorry. Brooke please....please. please. i'll do anything. anything. That was a mistake!. it really was. I can't forget about you. Don't do this to me. i'm over here crying on public Tv. Let's talk it out. please?" He paused for another second. "PLEASE?" He said raising his voice.
"PLEASE? PLEASE? PLEASE?" He keep begging.Brooke was yelling i'm guessing because the little mic that was on his shirt caught it.
She was sobbing.
---Justin's POV--
What happened? My legs started feeling like jello. My heart rate sped up. I couldn't move. finally scooter came out, dragging me backstage.
"WHAT DID I DO???" I shouted sitting on the chair.
Scooter sighed and pulled out his phone. He pressed a few buttons before showing it to me. There was a picture of Jasmine(Jasmine V) and i kissing. I remember that. it was on Perez Hilton's page. it said... Justin Bieber and jasmine v? What about Brooke?
"WHAT???" I said grabbing the phone out of scooters hand. this is wrong.....All wrong...


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