A Rose Without Thorns

A Rose Without Thorns

The main cahracter is Chloe Rose Winters, she is a 7th year Slytherin and has fallen in love with Severus. She has a huge temper and is a tough fighter, she always gets into trouble.
She is blonde with blue- green eyes, her love is forever, though she may love Severus Snape now, maybe she wont be with him...
Her past is unknown to everyone and it is hard for her to discuss. Her Mother is Pureblood but her Father is Muggle. Her Mother was shunned form the family once she married a Muggle.

Chapter 1


I sighed as I stepped into hky last class of the day, taking a deep breath.I loved Potion's, it was the only classI really ever paid attention to. I took my seat next to Draco Malfoy, a blonde headed boy with an overly large ego. He slipped me a note asking if I would join him and his family for dinner after Graduation, I scribbled a quick yes.
Everyone hated the Potion's professor, Severus Snape, but I found him so....fasinating. I smiled as Professor Snape made his way inside, directions to our assinment appearing on the board as he sat behind his desk. My classmates and I went to work.
As the final bell was ringing we bottled up our potions, each labled with out names and shuffled off to the Great Hall for dinner. I plopped down next to Raven James at the Slytherin table, close to the professor's and even closer to Professor Snape. I tore my gaze away from the potions professor and ate, chatting away with classmates, complaining about the homework(which wasn't very hard at all) and just having a great time.
When dinner had ended everyone went to their commen rooms to "sleep", I jumped stright into bed, I wasn't very up to partying tonight. I drifted into a slummber:
I was peacfully drawing the Blakc Lake, sitting under that sad, little, limp tree by the edge of the lake. From the shadows emerged Frenrir Greyback, his hand caressed my cheek, sending a cold shiver down my spine. A scream became trapped beneath my pale lips...
I awoke, covered in a cold sweat, my alarm blarring. I groanded slamming it of, my whole body shaking. After a nice hot shower, I had finally calmed down enough to dress and rach down to the Great Hall for breakfast, being late for that showed today was not going to be a good day for me.
I sat down and starred down at my empty plate, my stomach churning at the mear thought of food. "What's wrong?" Raven leaned over and asked, I just shrugged. I sighed and looked up at Professor Snape, I was surprised to find his black eyes fized on me. There was something different about him. Remorse? Love? I shook my head, impossible....
As the day went on I fetl further and further away from everyoneelse. I walked along the corridor, on my way to Potion's {Late}, sliding my hands along the cold, stone walls. I slipped into class, thankful Professor Snape's back was turned, inches from my seat..... "Your twenty minutes late, Mrs. Winters. Detention! Take Your Seat..." He said, not even bothering to turn around.
"Detention?" I murrmered. "Yes! Detention! Now Take Your Seat, Chloe!" I did as I was told. 'He never callspeople by their first names...' I thought.
When the bell rang, I stayed behind.
I slowly stood from my seat and slummped over to his desk, he put down his paper and looked at me. "Mrs. Winter do you know why you are here?" He asked, staring at me, I nodded. "I was late for class, sir." "Yes. I do not want to see you fall behind." He said to me, I looked at the ground. I was so busy looking at the stone floor that I hadn't noticed Professor Snape stand and walk behind me. "Yout an amazing student, Chloe." He muttered, brushing the hair from my face, causing me to look up at him. The erge to kiss him burned so intensly inside her. "Yes, sir."
Beofr I knew what I was doing I had turned, leaned forward and softly kissed him AS I pulled back Professor Snape kissed me back, before finally letting me pull away. I slowly pulled my gaze back to the floor. I noticed his fits were clenched 'why?...' "Get...Out..." He choked out, i looked up once more and saw the one thing I never dreamed of seeing on his face, Tears, they were sliding gently down his soft face. "Get. OUT!" He roared, I took off running, up the stairs, past the Great Hall, where everyone was eating; out the front doors and into the Dark Forest.I no longer cared that Death was waiting for me in the Forest, I just needed a place to be alone

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