Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 4

Love, such a silly game we play (Draco Malfoy story) part 4

alrightyy so here is part 4 and im working on part 5 nowww. definately some romance in that chapter and the next 2 after it.

Chapter 1

just a game

by: kinewnew
I awoken, but Malfoy’s arm wasn’t draped around me. I felt around disappointed. I got up and realized he wasn’t in here anymore. What was I thinking; this is malfoy I’m talking about. The same person who put live spiders in my hair 2 years ago. I showered and changed and went downstairs, to find Malfoy downstairs reading the daily prophet. I plopped down on the chair across from him and summoned Ginger. “Ginger may you bring me a plain bagel with dream cheese.” I asked her. Malfoy looked at me with an infuriated look, but it quickly changed back to his unreadable expression. “Yes Adriana,” she said. We sat in silence while I ate until Malfoy said, “Listen, smith about the conversation last night.” “Yes,” I said. “You can’t tell anyone about it, no one not even your father, okay? I mean I don’t want anyone to know I was fraternizing with a dumb little Gryffindor, would i? it would be pathetic” he said smirking. I stood up furious, “so all that you aren’t bad Smith stuff was just a game,” I asked. “No, it-” “whatever, I got to go.” I said walking to my room. I don’t know why I keep letting everything he say get to me. I could not be crushing on Malfoy. I heard a hoot and looked at my window. Lily was back with 3 separate letters first was Rons.

Are you seriously at the Malfoys house? Is it filled with corpses and dark stuff? Is he totally bashing the Gryffindors? If he gives you hell then tell me and I will bash his head in the next time I see him. and if he slaps you again then that will be the last move he ever makes.


Next was Hermione’s


Well I hope you are having fun. But how could you possibly be having fun when Malfoy is your only company. I hope you have been getting your work for school done too. But I want you tell me everything that happens there in every little detail


Last was Harry’s


You have to tell me everything that is going on. His father is a death eater; he will know what voldemort is planning. It is super dangerous for you to be in that house. No one knows what he could do to. You have to watch yourself, okay?


Well it was nice to know everyone cared so much for me. but I knew I’d be fine from his death eating father. I wrote Ron and Harrys first.

Ron and Harry,

Ron yes I am actually here and no there aren’t any corpses or dark stuff. Well that’s only the part of the house I seen so far. And harry I promise to tell you what I can. And don’t worry I’m watching myself as good as I possibly could. Thanks for caring though



I will tell you everything, starting with last night. Malfoy said some stuff that his father didn’t appreciate, so he knocked him unconscious. I went down to help him up to my room and I put an ice pack over his blackened eye. Then he started to regain consciousness, and we actually had a nice conversation. I would love to tell you it, but being the git he is, he doesn’t want me to. I’m sorry.


I tied them both around lily’s leg. “okay lily, one goes specifically to Hermione and the other goes to Ron and Harry.” I told her. I felt like swimming so I changed into my bikini and went to their indoor pool. And as if he was planning Malfoy was there also. Shirtless and glistening wet. My mouth dropped for a fraction of a second. “Ugh can’t I be anywhere, without you being there.” I said as I put my stuff down. “No you can’t,” he replied. I took my shirt and threw it over my head and I felt eyes on me. Mocking what he said to me yesterday “like what you, see?” I asked, as I dived into the water getting him wet. I popped back up and head a “Draaaaa-co” from a very familiar voice. Me and Draco exchanged identical masks of horror.


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