My, oh my... Is anyone still alive?

Oh... I need an intoduction, now? Since when? I don't remember that being a requirement before...

Chapter 1

What is the problem, now? Is this it?

Where once we walked the same road in the summer, come winter, the company has parted, and the path is covered by snow behind...

Well, it's- Well, it's certainly a check on things, here. How active is this site anymore? Does anyone I used to know still frequent?

Although, judging by a seven year old author invite in my inbox, I would assume that anything that once was, is no more... Which is sad. I spent many an hour here. Never making anything good, more just talking to people that clearly wanted nothing to do with me. I've since moved on to other places to do that.

Lordy, lord, this place has changed... The atmosphere around it has completely changed. It's hard to believe just how long ago 2012 feels.

But, hey, want to get in contact for some reason? Just look around, I made a post with that stuff, which is still pretty accurate.

I'll come back in another couple years, and do the same thing, probably.


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