Michael King

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Chapter 1

Primary Character: Michael King.


Michael Elias King was born on September 19th, 1989. to an alcoholic father and a mother who abandoned him and took his brother when he was three. This makes him a Virgo zodiac wise.

Michael was shown to be an understanding, funny, mischievous, and, in contrast to his best friend, a little immature.

He's shown countless times to be good with kids and the ladies.

He is an avid fan of classic rock music. He is known to use crude humor, use pop culture references, make sexual innuendos, and indulge in chick flicks.

He typically avoids emotional intimacy, preferring to engage with women only as sexual partners. However, this changes when he meets Allison, Davina and Kol. He values his family's safety over anything else, including his best friends and love interests.

Even though Michael keeps himself in excellent physical shape, he is known to have very bad eating habits. He is often shown enjoying greasy, fattening or otherwise unhealthy food, especially cheeseburgers and pie, and dismisses salads as "rabbit food."

Michael has also shown on several occasions that he is an avid fan of movies, particularly westerns, and was thrilled to be given a chance to go to the old west. Michael is typically ruthless and aggressive when he is being violent, a task which he approaches enthusiastically, making him the more merciless of the duo.

But in spite of that, he is capable of acknowledging whenever he's going too far. He dislikes showing his emotions to people who only want to hurt him, and because of it when in danger, he acts threatening and determined. When facing vampires, even knowing what they could do to him, he is sarcastic, rude, and insulting. 

Despite these traits, he is very laid-back and well-disposed when not in danger, and he values the safety of his family and innocent civilians above all else, even his own life. Though on occasion he can be somewhat impulsive as well as arrogant, he is both extremely intelligent and competent. He is more likely to exhibit irrational behavior when his family is threatened.

Michael enjoys the uncomplicated things in life, such as good food and television. He almost constantly displays some level of humorous behavior, and frequently makes light of tense situations. He sometimes appears foolish due to this habit, but this seems to be merely his means of dealing with the stress of life.

Michael shows on multiple occasions a soft spot for children. He is very good with them, able to talk to them with ease, and he is always very sympathetic. His affection extends to nearly all children, particularly young ones, although he also cares about teenagers. He is more willing to put his life in danger for children than he is for nearly anyone else. 

After his torture by vampires, Michael began exhibiting noticeable anxiety and experienced chronic, abominable nightmares. 


Michael has a bunch of nicknames from different people over the years. His most common one is Mike. Others call him Little King, Mitch, Eli or Lias. His partners however call him Mich (Allison), Mikey (Kol) and Micah (Davina). His main alias is Elias Parker. While he didn't know for a very long while, Michael is a werewolf.


The title that he's gotten from most people, is King Wolf, which angers Klaus to almost no end. His best friends are Maria and Flynn, having known the two of them the longest. However, his close friends include his love interests, Rebekah, Hayley, Marcel and Tyler. He doesn't feel much need to be close to anyone. His other friends are the mystic gang, Sybil, Seline, Markos, Georgie, Kai and others (Josh, Jackson, ect)


His love interests are Kol Mikaelson, Allison Gilbert and Davina Claire. He has a multitude of exes, though none important enough for him to remember. His lover at one point was Hayley, though it was when they were teenagers. He doesn't get 'crushes' anymore.


He doesn't have any.


Michael doesn't remember much about his mother or brother. He and his father don't have a very good relationship either.

He goes on to marry Allison Gilbert, and continue dating Davina and Kol behind the scenes. He loves them all equally, despite them all not being married.

He biologically has three kids, but considers himself to have six via Davina and Kol.


Michael has green eyes, light freckles on his face and medium length hair that is dark blonde. He is 6'1" and muscular. He is noted to be "handsome" or even "pretty".

He usually wears a plaid shirt over a T-shirt, jeans, and boots, unless he has to wear a disguise in order to impersonate someone.


He has advanced strength, hearing, agility and speed due to being a werewolf.


Partner In Life: Flynn Vanchure

Soulmate (Platonic): Maria Lockwood

Other Half: Hayley Marshall

Shoulder To Lean On: Marcel Gerard

Voice Of Reason: Tyler Lockwood

Partners In Crime: Kol and Davina


See Allison's character sheet.


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