Character Sheet

Thank you Angela for the assist

Chapter 1

Daniella Mikaelson

Name: Daniella Mikaelson (nee Cramer)

Nickname: Dani

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Birthday: February 10th, 1992

Species: werewolf (untriggered)

Friends: Mikaelson family (closest to Angela) and Tyler Cramer

Love Interest: Henrik Mikaelson

When you got married: ?

Biological family: Tyler Cramer (Older Twin Brother)

Honorary Family: Angela Mikaelson (Honorary Older Sister)

Future Family (in laws): Mikael (Father in law), Esther (Mother in law), Freya, Lynn, Angela, Natalia, Wesley, Rebekah and Sophia (Sisters in Law), Finn, Elijah, Nathaniel, Niklaus, Kol and Alistair (Brothers in law) Occupation: college student


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