Borrowing Sophia's Mikaelson idea - I liked it so much I thought I'd give the Salvatore family the same opportunity

If you're rude you will be deleted

honorary family, Siblings and in laws can join me if interested

Thanks Avery

Chapter 1


I walked downstairs to see Damon making pancakes and Stefan drinking coffee .... Before I could say something to the two my other siblings walked into the kitchen as well

Ally and I shared a smile as Artemis hugged Stefan and Thomas smirked at our brothers then Robbie said

"How was your guys dates last night?"

"Dates?" Artemis asked

"Both of you saw Elena last night?" Thomas asked with another smirk

"They went out with Mikaelsons last night" Robbie said to our siblings

"Mikaelson, as in the family trying to sacrifice Elena to Klaus?" I asked

"Those girls" Robbie said with his own smirk now

My siblings all started talking at once as Ally sat next to Damon and I sat next to Stefan accepting my coffee from my older brother with a kiss to his cheek in thanks

"Did you have a nice time?" Ally asked as Artemis asked "was it like a double date?"

I tried not to giggle as Stefan and Damon shared a glance and then a playful eye roll

"Angela seems awesome" Stefan said as Damon said "I look forward to getting to know Wesley better"

I looked around at my siblings but all stayed quiet so I decided to take a couple of pancakes and started eating

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