A weight gain diary feat. Three obese fatties

This is our co-op weight gain diary from fatties for fatties and fat admirers to follow! With...
Have fun with us writing how fat we are ;P

Chapter 1

Introduction: Amy!!!

by: FattyAmy


Name: Amy Williams

Age: 14 y/o

Height/Weight: 1,60 (I'm a midget I know) m tall/about 120kg heavy (I know, I have a big problem, literally.)

Weight goal: None

Other goals (body): Bulking up (muscle) to be able to carry my weight

*German-japanese girl

*Super very incredibly extremely inhumanly shy

*Can't take compliments well

*Hates getting bullied/bullying in general but likes to be called 'butterball'

*Parents own a Japanese all you can eat restaurant

*I eat very emotional and sometimes I regret it

*Claustrophobic (fear in small/tight spaces)

*I only wear this one red hoodie I love every day (like almost my entire wardrobe consists of the same red hoodies)



Loves: Eating, playing (I'm in a soccer club) and watching soccer, video games, anime, everything japanese-related, cute stuff, cats, Japan, Japanese stuff, eating, fatty and greasy food, my red hoodie(s), more eating, the color red, hoodies, Japanese food and Anna Klein

Hates: Talking with people, taking compliments, social interaction in general, dieting, running, tight clothes, stairs, being out of breath (which I am A LOT), spicy food, bananas, apples, garlic, veggies, being bullied, my school bullies and every other bully of course, everything stamina-related, gymnastics, every sport available (except soccer), seat belts, small seats (airplane, fast food restaurant booths, picnic table seats, roller coaster seats, plastic chairs etc. because I don't quite fit in them and I always spill out of them), jeans, skirts, clothing (all I wear are red hoodies and sweatpants to be honest), too small wardrobes (figuratively and literally), seeing Anna getting bullied to protect me, violence, small/tight/narrow spaces, etc. etc. etc.

Relationship(s): Anna Klein (girlfriend and best friend forever)

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