5 Things you should do in writing

Not all of us have writing talent, but most of us do want to write likable texts. It is not easy. But 5 major tips below will help you in that endeavor.

Chapter 1

5 Things you should do in writing

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It is late at night. The computer screen is flickering ominously. Every five minutes, a string of words appears on the pristine white surface of the Word document. Then they get deleted again. At last, exhausted, the poor writer moves the keyboard away: “I can’t do it. It is all awful. Maybe I can find someone to write my essay for free at short notice”?

Stop right there. What I have described above is a classic nightmare of any student out there, but it is still possible to try overcoming this horror on your own, together with all the horror movies heroes.

Tip 1. Use Short Sentences.

See the description above? Almost all of the sentences are short and concise. There are no difficult words and flowery epithets. And they bring the idea across, don’t they? According to specialists, the sentences in a good text should not exceed 10 -11 words. Make them longer, and the reader’s attention would stray.

Tip 2. Positive Is Better Than Negative.

Avoid words like no, not, any, nothing, etc. Try to find positive ones with similar meanings. It is better to confirm than deny something.

Tip 3. Use Appropriate Style.

An academic paper would require clear terminology and certain formal phrases. A blog post allows colloquialisms. It is better to stick to one style in each case to avoid confusing your reader. A mix of styles also clouds the meaning and does not get your point. Not to mention there is always a threat of a bad grade from your professor.

Tip 4. Punctuation And Grammar Are Your Gods.

Grammar is essential for a reason. Confusing punctuation, unnecessary commas and misspelled words make reading difficult. Re-read your document several times and use spell checkers. It is also good to read your text aloud to get an understanding of whether it flows smoothly. 

Tip 5. Be Prepared For Failure, But Believe in Success.

Write and be prepared that your first attempt would not be that great. Only by writing and making multiple rounds of editing you would fulfill your ultimate goal, to have an excellent and readable text.

Hopefully, these 5 tips would help you on your writing journey. Do not go without a fight and remember that you could always ask for help! 


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