One teenager’s story

I find that when people can't handle having their beliefs challenged, it's worth investigating why those beliefs don't withstand question or scrutiny.

Chapter 1

One teenager’s story

by: EricLeeee

I also find the idea that Christians' beliefs are under attach in Fredericksburg kind of insane - it's a fairly conservative and very Christian area that is more like rural Virginia than heathen Northern Virginia.)

We have had mixed success with public schools, and they aren't right for everyone.  But this is about what works for one family and not an examination of how homeschooling can hide egregious child neglect and abuse and the lack of qualification or success that some homeschooling parents have. I've seen homeschooling done very well and done very poorly, and there's not enough information in this article one way or another to know on what side this family falls.

I was homeschooled from 5th grade through high school. Although it was largely for religious reasons on my parents’ part, I was frustrated in school. The school librarian wouldn’t let me check out books above my grade level. My younger brother and I participated in many activities. He was in band, orchestra, and swing dancing. I took piano and did drama. We both went to college (and not Christian colleges). I wish that I had been more involved when I was an introverted teenager, but in my 30s I have many close friends, a great job, and a happy life. I still read a lot. I don’t think my write my essay for me homeschooling education did me a disservice. 

Side note, homeschooled children are usually allowed to play on school sports teams (at least in the state where I grew up.) Many homeschool families band together to take group science classes taught in school labs. My brother played piano, violin and Sousaphone. There are so many activities available. These kids aren’t necessarily weirdos who don’t leave the house.


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