10 Study Strategies for Finals Week

10 Study Strategies for Finals Week

In the week of the finals, your goals are probably simple; you need to pass your exams and acquire as much knowledge in the short amount of time as possible. Instead of taking seven caps of coffee and energy drinks that will only give you energy for a short time, use these 10 strategies to help you study more and reduce stress.

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10 Study Strategies for Finals Week

1. Workouts

Exercises help your brain release serotonin – a hormone of happiness that helps reduce your stress levels. It also aids acquire more knowledge, finds solutions to issues that may appear while studying. Therefore take that brisk walk, jog around the college compound and have at least one HIIT session a week. It will help you remain focused.

2. Eat healthily

While you may be tempted just to eat a sandwich or burger and fries to save time, it may be counterproductive. Eating unhealthy meals may cause you to have indigestion which will blow your concentration and have you waste a lot of energy. You should also avoid foods that give you instant bursts of energy because they also burn out that fast. Fruits and vegetables are recommended.

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3. Sleep

Regardless of the amount of pressure you have, make sure that you sleep for at least 6-8 hours. With enough sleep, you are guaranteed to have the concentration and memory that will help you succeed in your exams. Although it may seem that by sleeping you will have less time to study, you will cover more if you are well-rested and will need fewer breaks.

4. Short regular breaks

Make sure that you take breaks every hour or so. The breaks will give your brain time to absorb what you have learned. You will find that you learn more with the sufficient number of breaks you take.

5. Choose the best environment

You need to make sure that you have chosen the place where you can study efficiently. Make sure that you choose a place that does not have distractions and a lot of noise. Go for a place that will allow you to focus only on studying.

6. Have your personal study guide

While the study guide by your teacher is great, it may not be effective for everyone. Therefore, make sure that you outline the most important information that you must learn. It will also help you when you have to refer to your notes.

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7. Start studying early

Never wait until the final week to study. You should not do last minute cramming. You need to make sure that you understand the points: you can set aside a day or two each week to revise your coursework. This way, you will have less material to cover during the last week.

8. As questions

If you find that there are points that you do not understand, get your professor and ask for help. You may also opt for help from PapersOwl in UK or if you need a quick answer – ask a classmate. Whatever you do, never assume you have understood if you have not.

9. Set priorities

There are certain subjects that are more difficult than others. Give the more difficult ones more study time. Ensure that you do a thorough evaluation, so you determine which are difficult and which ones are easier.

10. Teach others

The best way to ensure that your knowledge is more permanently imprinted in your brain, make sure that you volunteer to teach other students the subjects you are well knowledgeable on.


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