Cooking And Chemistry (FFXV Ignis romance fanfic)

A new Final Fantasy 15 fanfic

Chapter 3

A Fresh Start

After awhile of grieving, I began to notice the good things about life after Saul. For starters, I didn't have to deal with his Power Rangers toy collection hogging the shelves-nor his cousin's batcrap crazy grandma. It was actually refreshing to wake up and have delightfully enjoyable and intelligent discussions with Ignis over tea and coffee-I never liked coffee much. " Personally caffeinated tea is more my taste.'

I rolled my eyes as i received a phone call from Saul. "What the hell do you want?" I said.

It was then that he confessed something that made me all too happy that the relationship was over. During the Comic-con he went to last summer,he cheated on me with some blonde bimbo in a Pink Power Rangers costume. I hung up on him before letting out a stream of angry cuss words. Once I calmed down,i realized that i dodged a huuuuge bullet. "Cheating,and a toxic family," I said as i sipped my tea."

"All the more reason you should be glad you left," Ignis replied.

"And you know what else really ticks me off? His cousins were so freaking uptight! Every little screw up was treated like a major offense!" I ranted," I was always walking on eggshells around them! I couldn't even breathe! And what the hell is with the constant threats?! They need anger management! The grandma included! I don't care if she has an impairment-she still has no right to treat people like crap!"

"Well then,consider this a clean slate. You get to start over and hopefully find someone better," he gently said as he sipped his coffee.

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