Cooking And Chemistry (FFXV Ignis romance fanfic)

A new Final Fantasy 15 fanfic

Chapter 2

A Home-Cooked Meal

Unsurprisingly Saul and I ended up breaking up. It was for the best really. I was still heartbroken. Did I love him? Yes-but it wasn't worth the constant stress of his insane family. I was still sniffling and crying as I was walking home that snowy November day. I opened the door when the warm, comforting smell of hot chicken noodle soup greeted my nose.

"Ah, you're just in time for lunch,' Ignis said as he stirred the soup. He immediately noticed my tears and gave me his handkerchief. "You seem to be in great distress. Why don't you talk about it with me over soup. Hopefully you'll feel a little better after a hot meal," Ignis gently said.

I smiled through my tears. Underneath his cool and calm demeanor I loved his nurturing side. I tasted the soup . The flavors were perfectly balanced and the chicken was perfectly cooked. As I ate I poured my troubles out to him. "i loved him,but his family was just downright toxic-I couldn't take it anymore!" I said as I dried my tears," It broke my heart,but I had to end it."

"Sometimes it is the hardest choice that often proves for the best," he replied gently, sympathy and concern showing in his bright green eyes," perhaps you've heard this saying several times before, but it goes " You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the prince'."

I giggled, trying to keep soup from coming out of my nose. "My grandma often said it," i said. "She must have been an intelligent woman," Ignis replied.

"And loud,' I laughed," At a restaurant her laugh could be heard clear across five tables!"

He was right. After the delicious soup and talking to him I did feel a lot better...

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