Cooking And Chemistry (FFXV Ignis romance fanfic)

A new Final Fantasy 15 fanfic

Chapter 1

A Family Friend

I had a great relationship with my boyfriend Saul,so how did I end up living with my mother who treats me like crap? Simple....his family drove me crazy. It had gotten so bad I packed up and returned to my former home. Missy,Mom's friend welcomed me back like a loving mother. "By the way Elizabeth, there's a friend of my daughter's I'd like you to meet," Missy said happily," I have a hunch you two will get along great!"

She led me into the living room and that's where I saw him. I liked his sea foam eyes,and his glasses made him look extremely intelligent.

"Hello..and who is this?" he said with a smile.

"Ignis this is Elizabeth,"Missy introduced me.

I shook his hand,admiring how gentlemanly he was-better than my ex boyfriends.

"A pleasure to meet you," i said," So are you just visiting or will you be staying for awhile."

"i'm afraid I'll be staying. My home recently burnt down.

Poor guy... I'll try to make him feel at home...

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