Nobody's Angel

It's basically a story about my character's life before and after becoming Melissa Mikaelson

It starts with a double funeral for our favorite originals and goes backwards before jumping to the present and maybe moving forward into the future eventually

I'm hoping for a muti book story

This is originally fictional

Read/don't read it's your choice

My friends can join me if interested

thank you for your time

Chapter 1


I stood in mine and Niklaus' room a week after his and Elijah's deaths checking out my appearance in the mirror one last time needing everything to be perfect knowing Elijah would of wanted it that way and Niklaus would of asked me to try because he would never hear the end of it if I didn’t

I jumped at the knock on my bedroom door before lifting my head as the door opened

"Melis, it's time" my best friend Angela Mikaelson said sticking her head into the room

I nodded before turning and following Angela downstairs

I smiled reaching the landing to see my children standing at the bottom of the step waiting for me

Marissa who is now 18, Angela who is 16, Jackson who is 6, Tyler who is 4 and Morgan who is 2...I touch my still flat stomach sad my youngest will never know his father or his uncle only finding out a couple of days before Niklaus and Elijah's death that I was pregnant

I was going to tell Klaus but then we found out Hope was dying and nothing else seemed to mattered to my husband.

"We've only been married a month, but i'll cherish my name and position forevermore" I promised Angela as we walked down the stairs

"Niklaus would of been pleased to hear it, as am i" Angela said before we walked downstairs to join my children knowing her children were helping with the arrangements with Chris, Keelin and Freya while we waited for the others to arrive

"I'll let you say your goodbyes as the others should be arriving any moment" Angela said leading me into the drawing room where Elijah and Niklaus' coffins were placed for safe keeping knowing Niklaus adored his art

I wanted to say goodbye but sadly I wasn't sure how so instead I stood there with one hand on my stomach and the other on Niklaus' coffin...I turned my head and smiled sofly at Elijah's coffin before saying

"I'll take care of his son if you continue to take care of my husband"

I then left the room knowing everyone would head out to the lake soon wanting to give the two a proper viking burial at sea

At the funeral Angela, Nathaniel, Wesley and Rebekah said something nice for each of their brothers then Amy and Allison got a chance to speak being their friends/family.

I left just as they were setting the caskets onto the rafts and setting them on fire knowing it was to painful for me to watch anymore though I did notice Nathaniel hug Allison, Amy, Angela and Wesley before I left

I headed back to the compound but felt the prospect of heading back inside without someone else to painful knowing all the memories that waited for me within

I walked to what we call Cami's bar never bothering to learn it's actual name before walking in

"What can I get ya?" Declan asked

"Um just a soda, can't drink when you're pregnant though I could really use one right now" I said honestly

Declan nodded before going to grab my drink

A few minutes later I pulled my phone from my pocket as it started vibrating

It was a call from Marissa probably worried because I left without a goodbye

Declan came back and I locked my phone before opening my can of soda

"What's troubling ya?" He asked after a few minutes when the silence seemed to be to much

"I've had a hard life, all my kids have suffered in some way or another because of it and now I have a new one on the way, i'm sure i'm just going to mess up too" I said honestly before taking a sip of my soda

"I'm sure you'll be fine, you'll be able to learn from your past mistakes to ensure you don’t make any with your new child and if you make new ones that's's a big part of life and of being a parent" Declan said

I nodded taking in his words

"It will be my first time being a parent without support" I said honestly

"As long as you have friends and family who love you, you're never truly alone" Declan said wihich actually caused me to smile because Ange told me the same thing back in junior high when my boyfriend broke up with me for saying I wasn't ready to be 'serious' but then made out with his best friend behind the gym...we got back together a month later but then I dumped him going off to High school knowing we wanted different things in life

My phone vibrated again this time with a text from both my best friend Angela and my daughter Angela

I paid for my soda, thanked Declan for being so nice and walked back to the compound

"Melis, you can't just wonder off...what if something would of happened to you?" Angela said waiting for me outside on the steps when I returned

"Sorry, I just had to clear my head" I said honestly

Angela nodded standing up and I knew she understood within the last year Angela has lost her husband and her brothers to a deadly evil we aren't allowed to talk about

We hated both girls so much and yet it was worse for Ange I know because it was her 'best friend' she lost her husband too

We soon headed back into the compound and I thought about how I got here knowing I wasn't quiet ready for the thought of where I was going just yet.


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