What has happened?


Chapter 1

Okay, this I remember.

Wow... A year later, and everything looks different again... And I got a couple comments on the last time I did this.

"Wow, heh, a lot has indeed changed, and also not at all. I'm afraid you'll find few a live person on here these days. The place has gone downhill since August 2014. Still, nice to see a familiar face back. x)))"

Just by the little look around I had, I've got to agree that it has gone downhill very much. It's just- ...Stagnant... But, yes. It was nice to see someone, again.

Honestly, with what has changed, I don't even want to look around at things from before.

I may log in a year or two from now again, for an hour or so. But that would be about it. I'm done here. I've been done here since she deleted.

So, with that all done. If anyone from the older days would like to get into contact with me for some reason, your best will be through http://veryinterestingbutstupid.tumblr.com/

And with that. I bid thee all a farewell, and pleasant nuclear annihilation.


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