An Adept's Embrace (A Golden Sun fanfic)

hey guys,Brand new fanfic this time.Never before attempted to write one about the Golden Sun series.Hope it comes out great.

And the part about the rosary is a tribute to my great grandma Rose,who passed away a few months ago

R.I.P Grandma Rose,you will be missed

Chapter 1

My Crazy Family

"Ugh," I groaned."Not again!"

I was sick of Mom bringing a new guy home every week-yet somehow i could never tell her how I feel.Even when i did,she'd either ignore me of fight with me about it. I touched my dear late great grandma Rose's rosary around my neck. What would she say if she knew?

Not only that,but my bratty teenage sister Louise got into a nasty little habit of sneaking out at night.

There was no doubt about it. I was the only sane person in my family.I hated the way Mom treated me,but I could never get the nerve to stand up to her.

But one day that was all about to change.....

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