Update: For Those Who Were Wondering

Idk why an introduction is required. Bill Cipher is my fav cartoon villain at the moment. That's all folks. Move along to the main chapter.

Chapter 1

The One And Only Chapter

Hello everyone who could possibly be reading this! It's been a very long time. I'm not going to be active on this website, but I am interested in following y'all (i.e. people who I knew when I was active on this site) on other websites where you might be active. I'm not going to post my tumblr username publicly, but if you share yours, I'll follow you and message you, letting you know it's me. If you're active on other sites, maybe I'm active on those sites as well! Sometimes it's hard to keep track.

I'll check Quibblo once in a while to read comments on this story, so I can reply to them and say hi to old friends. It's ironic how my nickname is HET, when I am anything but. Anyway, have a nice life everyone! Byeee!

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