Stop Spreading Hate (A poem about living in the US in 2017) READ INTRO FOR DETAILS

I can't stand it anymore. I'm sick of turning on the news and seeing stories of violence breaking out because someone decided to be hateful. I hate seeing rallies that focus on spreading hate instead of spreading love. So I wrote this poem in an attempt to stop the hatred. This was written before the NFL protest thing, and honestly I side with the players. I really think our "president" is just trying to be a jerk and cause conflict.

Chapter 1

Stop Spreading Hate

Our cheese-puff commander in chief,

Says he’s making America great,

Yet our nation’s as divided as ever,

I just wish we’d stop spreading hate!

Racists are free to run rampant,

They’re lured in by his bait,

For example, the riot in Charlottesville,

Why can’t they stop spreading hate?

Women may lose respect & their rights,

Remember that disgusting, leaked tape?

He’s given men permission to be pricks,

I’m sick of the spreading of hate!

Instead of standing by muslim neighbors

Hate crimes rise at a staggering rate,

Innocent people living in fear,

They can’t avoid the spreading of hate…

The dreamers and DACA drama,

He enjoys the torment as they wait,

He takes pleasure in tormenting people,

Continuing the spreading of hate!

Since the president can get away with it,

What kind of example does that create?

One where it’s okay to be a jackass?

One where it’s fine if you spread hate?

Violence has broken out everywhere,

Order and peace can’t be kept straight,

We’re constantly at each other’s throats,

Please, just stop spreading hate!

Instead of berating those with different views,

Know it’s not worth it to berate,

Don’t get sucked into the drama,

Take steps to stop spreading hate.

I refuse to continue the atrocities,

I refuse to spread his nasty traits,

Will the rest of America join me?

In a melting pot against spreading hate.


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