An Angelic Romance (Dragon Quest 9 fanfic, Corvus x OC)

Just something I've wanted to try

Chapter 2

An Angelic Visitor

One night I felt a warmth that I couldn't describe, like there was a benevolent force smiling at me. I opened my eyes and there he was. He had glorious white wings, soft golden hair and deep heaven blue eyes. " Rose?" he spoke,his voice soft yet strong.

"Yes?" I replied.

"My name is Corvus, I am a Celestrian,an angel. I have been sent to be your personal guardian," he replied with a gentle,benevolent smile," Your prayers have been heard and I will ease your sorrows."

He settled onto my bed,giving me a warm embrace that i so desperately needed. I began to confide in him my troubles and sorrows. "I am so sorry that you had to endure such pain....

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