The Next Chapter in a Story of a Girl's Heart.

Let me know what you think- criticism is strongly encouraged.

Chapter 1


A story of a girl's heart
last that was told was how it broke
or to be more specific- how it shattered
and how she was trying to not die in all its smoke.

Since then, the tale has changed quite a bit
see- he came back a few months ago- reminding her all that he thought
and in that moment- she was so proud because she remained so strong
and it had caused her to reflect all she had fought.

It was then she swore to herself that she would love again
instead of living her life like the song that's by Paramore
since it was a long and tiresome year or two that it took
and all that it led was to yet another war.

So when an opportunity came- to try this new mindset out
the girl grasped it with open arms and for a moment- god was it easy
however- her mindset was simpler said than done
and a new wave washed over her like a storm that in the end made her queasy.

See- the two connected- at least that's what she thought
but god was she stupid, because on one faithful night
she received a message that left her in the cold
and it was then as she sobbed that again she was struck with fright.

Because maybe she was wrong to make that decision
maybe she should just let everything be an excuse to not try
because what's the point when it just ends with pain
again and again- making anything better- even a harmful lie.

However, tired of being rejected
and tired of feeling as if she's no good
the girl again swore to herself that the next person could be the exception
and that decision she made that next morning was the one that if it happens again- she would.

Because that decision is what ultimately led to what would happen next
See- there was this guy- who someone advised to her to go with the flow
and as she did- feelings evolved
and that's where she is now- with these emotions all over again, but that's just how every story will go.

So where she is now
is how all great stories typically begin
two people. two hearts. two stories with past pain.
and here she is- just hoping for finally a heartful win.

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