I am very sorry to all my quibblo friends and other people on quibblo! :(

This is an apology. Plz read further.

Chapter 1

I'm So Very Sorry! :(

I need to apologize to my friends and all the good people on quibblo. I'm sorry if I don't read all your stories and I'm sorry if I seem like a prideful person. I am actually the farthest thing from that. You guys don't have to believe that. But I wanted to explain that due to trauma in my childhood I am a bit developmentally delayed. And though I may be 30 years old chronologically. My mental state is around that of a 16 or 15 year old. It depends on the day. I also have schizoeffective I sometimes hear voices that tell me to do terrible things. I don't want you guys to feel sorry for me. I just want to apologize and explain why. Anyway I have been having some trouble with my PTSD and really bad nightmares and not being able to sleep all night. So I'm really sorry if I don't read your stories. I do give it a try. I'm just not much of a story reader and I don't want to be penalized for that! I at least look through everyone's quizzes and stories to see if I want to take them. Cuz I've seen some crazy quizzes on quibblo! And if someone created a quiz about Satanism I obviously wouldn't take it becuz that does not sit well with my Christian beliefs. And some quizzes are really insulting! I took one that was called "Are You Going To Hell?" And no one has the right and it is not their place to tell people if they're going to Hell or not. Even if it's just for fun. They're are some subjects that are just taboo. I don't know if you guys will understand this but I wanted to apologize if I have offended "anyone!"


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