My Tattoo Stories (New Chapter Posted)

Some people have show interest in the stories or influence behind my tattoos, so I plan to compile those here. Each chapter will be a different tattoo story.

Chapter 1

The Introduction

The IntroductionSo, I asked in an earlier post whether or not people would be interested in hearing the stories behind my tattoos and received some positive feedback on it. I've been seeing a lot of youtube videos where people tell their life stories - and while I'm sure I'd have some good stories to tell in that sense, I thought it would be interesting to do a tattoo version of these.

As of this moment (May 21st 2017) I'm currently working on my 14th piece of work [or tattoo...]. I started getting tattooed just a little over 7 years ago - my first tattoo happening at age 19 in May 2010 - and I've never been happier about starting this so called "path" in life. My body, after so many years, is finally starting to feel like my own - I'm starting to feel like I'm becoming who I've always wanted to be, but I will go into that with more detail.

Some of the stories may not be that interesting or long, but each one will be its own chapter and give you some insight as to my choice of artwork, the placement on my body, and a little bit about my life at that moment in time. I will also include a photo of the tattoo being described in the chapter title. For larger photos, they are all in my quibblo photo album and I will try to remember to provide links to those in the posts. So please be patient while I work through each of these chapters....

I know the chapters will keep going because I have a lot more skin to cover!

And please, do not be afraid to ask any questions along the way.

So let's begin....

<3 Kristi

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