So... I'm a Single Pringle Now... Feeling Pretty Down...

I'm not devastated, but I don't feel especially good either.

Chapter 1

2 months with Evan has come to an end...

We met back on March 18th at a coffee shop not too far from our houses. I was with my friend Emily and we were just going to get some tea and catch up, but it turns out there was a comedy show that night that took up nearly the entire cafe! So we had to sit in the very back in these hidden booths with 4 guys at it. John, Javier, Rain, and Evan, Rain's brother. I ended up sitting next to Evan and we really hit it off. Skip to, I asked for his number and we arranged a date for the next Friday!

Our first date was to a poetry at the same cafe, and we both had the best time! We ended up holding hands, and I kissed him on the cheek! Next Friday, we ended up going to see a friend's show, and we both kissed each other's cheek. Skip to next Thursday when we went to see the new Beauty and the Beast, and I'm sure everyone knows that the 1991 version is my favorite movie ever. We had our first kiss (his first kiss ever!) during the ballroom scene! Many more dates like that followed, eventually getting a bit more romantic (; (We're both still virgins! Don't worry!) And for his 17th birthday, I painted him a cute little plate and for my 17th birthday about a month later (it was on Tuesday, 16th btw) he hand-drew me a picture of a rose! Isn't that sweet?

Well last night, we decided to meet at the same coffee shop we met at, so he could give me the prom permission slip and pay back the $28 he owed me for taking him to another show. We hadn't been talking like normal for a few days, so I figured something was wrong, but thought it would just blow over. Then after a few minutes, he tells me that he wants to break up.

Of course, being the sensitive little snowflake I am, I burst into tears...

Looking back at it now, it was kinda funny actually! Like something out of a comedy or hallmark movie! Or a SNL skit...

Anyways, we talked about it. I need someone who's willing to hold my hand, and hug and kiss me quite a lot, even in front of other people. Not like "get a room" level, but like a little peck on the cheek while we're sitting together for something. He was really bashful and wasn't willing to do that like I needed. Plus, he'd be taking a full schedule next semester and is starting to look for work, and I'll also be working this summer and doing a few shows. He said we're probably better off as friends.

Of course, I didn't want to break up! I'd love to stay friends with him because we're both nerds, both gamers, and we do make each other laugh a lot. But still, it kinda sucks that I don't have him to cuddle with and kiss and all that like before. I still feel like I'm head over heels for him, which really sucks.

On the bright side, he said he'll still be my date to prom in 2 weeks. At least he isn't bailing on me for that. He also said he'd kiss me at prom if it meant the world to me. It really would! But, I cry just thinking about only having one kiss with him left...

So what have I learned from my first actual relationship, where we actually went on dates and actually did things together?



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