Only Inner Beauty (Poem- Read Intro For Details)

So as someone who's never been "the pretty girl" and has never had a lasting relationship, I've never felt Beautiful. Everyone says that "Beauty is found within" but when you aren't attractive on the outside, very few people are willing to get to know you to see the beauty inside...

Chapter 1

Only Inner Beauty

It doesn’t matter how kind you are,
Or if you commit minimal sin,
If you’re not pretty on the outside,
No one searches for the beauty within…

It doesn’t matter if you’re talented,
It doesn’t matter if you’re smart,
No one ever looks at you,
And sees a masterful work of art…

You can be completely selfless,
And put everyone else first,
But unless you’ve got outer beauty,
You live life like you’re cursed…

You can be as charming as you like,
But they’ll never give you a chance,
Because they ‘deserve better’ than you,
You go alone to every dance…

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,”
“Judge the content of the book,”
Yet when people see my cover,
My content won’t get a look…

Imagine if someone’s outer beauty,
Matched the goodness they had inside,
Then maybe, for once, I’d be given a chance,
Maybe, for once, I’d be feeling pride…

My motivation isn’t my health,
When I say I’m losing weight,
I’m just trying to be “the pretty girl”
Who doesn’t struggle to get a date…

I don’t want to start wearing makeup,
I don’t want to straighten my hair,
But unless I ‘beautify’ myself,
Not a single guy will care…

I’m sick of seeing happy couples,
Who have someone to love and hold,
That’s what I want more than anything,
But won’t happen, so I’m told…

For years I’ve waiting and wishing,
For the day I become a swan,
But after 17 years of praying,
Every shred of hope is gone…

I’m destined to live a lonely life,
Destined to never be “the cutie”
Destined to be unfairly judged every day,
Because I only have inner beauty...


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