Red As Blood,White As Snow

Red As Blood,White As Snow

In honor of Easter and Good Friday. I want to share a poem with all of you that I wrote that tells of Christ's final hours before He died. It also tells of His glorious resurrection. These times and days remind us all to remember that Jesus washed our sins away with His red blood. And made us all as white as snow.

Chapter 1

Jesus Final Hours/Resurrection

It all began at that Passover meal.

With tears in your eyes "One of you will betray me" you said.

Your disciples were shocked and they all shook their heads.

Then forever You did change this Passover meal.

So through your pain.

Our sins would heal.

In the garden tears fell from thine eyes.

Thou was mocked by Satan and all of his lies.

But You rebuked Satan and listened to none of this.

Then you accepted the traitor's kiss.

You were sentenced to death even though none of the accusations were true.

They still condemned my Sweet Savior You!

Oh my Sweet Jesus how great was your pain!

When whips stung thy flesh over and over again.

The soldiers laughed and mocked you!

And did spit upon you with glee.

And You endured it.

For the sake of humanity!

Then came the time to carry your cross.

You knew what most happen.

And You knew the cost.

You carried Your cross dodging rocks and hateful looks from others.

And soon You did meet Your beloved mother.

She wept,hating to see you like this.

She shed a tear and gave You a kiss.

You told her gently it must be this way.

Then You carried Your cross the rest of the way.

Thy hands and feet were pierced with long,sharp nails.

Your body hung on the cross, limp and frail.

Hours passed.

And a darkness befell the land.

Then My Sweet Savior You granted Your spirit into Your Father's hands.

After that the ground gave a mighty quake!

And You were laid to rest with a tearful wake.

Your body lay behind a stone.

Your friends and family felt all alone.

Three days then did pass.

And to their surprise.

You were no longer dead!

You were alive!

And My Jesus even though this happened two thousand years ago.

It is by Your red blood that all of mankind's sins were washed away.

And we became as white as snow!

Please don't pick me up on my grammar or the things I left out. Yes I know I left a few things out. There just wasn't room to write it all down. Please just enjoy the poem and only positive comments please!


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