My Life as a Bug

Hello. I am a bug. I live a normal bug life, almost squashed nearly a thousand times, almost drowned a thousand times, etc. Read this story of my life. As a bug.

Chapter 1

Close Call

by: McSnuff
March 16, 2014

Hi. My name is Kirina Estelle. I go to Maiden Middle School. I consider myself as a normal girl, but people think I am abnormal. Eh, whatever. I am only 12, and young. I am in freaking 8th grade! I should be like, 13 or whatever! Ugh. Ok I am going to start talking like I'm a narrator or whatever. You get it.

Kirina waltzed down the halls, slumped back, lazy posture. She was always like this, she was quite easygoing, She had maybe, 6 or 7 friends. She wasn't necessarily popular, but not a dweeb.


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