A girl finds a pale lady on the street. What will she do to her?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

One monday night when I was coming home from After school, I saw a very pale lady. She looked very creepy to me. She was walking towards me very slowly. I got scared for awhile. As she got more close, I could make out her face. She had jet black hair and she had white paper like skin. She had blood coming from her head. When I saw the blood, I was scared. I did not know what to do. I wanted to hide but all there was was an empty road with no cars. The sidewalk was empty. There were no people except for me and that lady. 10 seconds later, I realized she was 6 feet away from me. I screamed for help but nobody came to help me. I was alone, with a random lady trying to get me. After that, I see her mouth open. She said
"Where is she?"
My mouth opened as soon as she said that. I didn't know what to say. I was so terrified and nervous.
"W-who-who is she" I said nervous
"Where is my sister!" she said with her beaming jet black eyes staring at me.
I felt dizzy all of a sudden. Is this real? Is this just a nightmare that I cannot wake up from?
"Uh.. I think she is over there!" I said pointing to the right.
Then, the lady quickly glanced at me and then walked to the direction I was pointing to. To be honest, I was happy that she left. I kept walking down the block to my house but then, in just 30 seconds, when I turned around I see the lady running towards me. Even though she looked like she was 50 yards away, she was running very fast. I heard her shouting my name
"Kate! come back you liar! she is not there! I will get you!"
I was shocked that she knew my name. I did not know her at all. I started to run as fast as my can, throwing my heavy book bag on the floor. When I run without my book bag, I am like a cheetah. I tried to find a corner so I could hide there. Luckily, I found one with a dumpster. I hide behind that dumpster. 15 seconds later, I see the lady ran past where I was. I was happy she did not spot me. I took a deep breath and lay down for a couple of seconds. I took a nap. 10 minutes later, I woke up hearing very deep breathing noises. I was confused. So I tuned around. When I turned, I gasped. It was that weird pale lady. She smiled as she turned her head to an angle. She grabbed my shoulders. After that moment, I did not remember anything else that happened.
I got up, in a light room, with creepy looking dolls. I was confused. Where am I? What am I doing there? I sat down on the hard, dirty floor. Then, I saw a door. I got up to open it but it was locked, so I sat back down. A few minutes later, the door opened. It was that pale lady. She looked down to me.
"Get up" she said with a creepy little girl voice.
"My name is Lucy. I will be your worst nightmare for lying to me!"
I stood up wobbling as I looked at her jet black doll like eyes. She did her creepy smile.
"Are you hungry? I got some worms!" she said smiling
My face turned disgusted. I hate worms
"Uh.. No thanks" I said wobbling.
Lucy frowned.
"Are you sure, this is the only food you'll be eating as you stay with me for 5 years?" she said
After that, I bawled my eyes out. I started to cry a lot.
"All I want to do is to go home!" I said crying.
"Stop crying and stay silent!" Lucy said, angry.
Lucy stared at me while I was wiping my tears. She then left the room, smiling. I then remembered that I had my phone with me. I started to call my mom. Luckily, she picked up
"Kate!" she said yelling "Where are you? I was calling your phone all day. It is 7 A.M. You have school today."
"Mommy, some girl had kidnapped me! please call the police!" I said, crying.
"Okay dear. Do you know where you are?"
I looked out the window from the room. I quickly spotted the address.
"It is View egg road" I said
"Okay, let me call the police" she said. Then, she hung up.
I decided to call the police but as soon as I pressed 911, Lucy entered the room, angry, She snatched my phone and squeezed it so hard, it broke. I started to cry. My phone, the only thing I could use to communicate with my mom, is gone.
"No one is calling 911 without my permission!" she said, angry. Then, she grabbed my hands and grabbed a black cat from the side and put the cat on my hands. I stared at it, confused. The cat looked at me with it's unusual, red eyes. Then, it started to meow very loud. I fainted, right there by the sound of it.
I opened my eyes, seeing that I was lying up to the ceiling. I turned to the right and I saw my mom. I forgot I had a nightmare. Everyday, I have a nightmare. It is a rare condition called "Nightmare Syndrome" I have to deal with it everyday. I got worse when I tuned 11 so, I had to live i a hospital so It could calm down. I was sad because I would not get to go outside the real world until my condition was cured. I was just 12 years old, trying to live a simple life. But my life was infected by nightmares, that get worse everyday. As of right now, there is no cure. My birthday is in 3 days and that is the day I get to get out of the hospital. My mom smiled at me. She came up to me and smoothed my hair down.
"Guess what Kate" she said excited.
I looked at her, confused.
"What?" I said, confused.
"The doctors found a cure for your illness!" she said.
When she said that, I started to cry with joy. This might be the best thing I would of ever heard, in a long time.


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