Allie Finkle's Rules (Moving Day)

From the book Moving Day by Meg Cabot

Chapter 1

Allie Finkle's Rules

Don't stick a spatula down your best friend's throat.

Everything that goes up must come down.

Don't let go of helium balloons outside.

Treat your friends the way you'd want them to treat you.

Never eat anything red.

Always wear a helmet when you're skateboarding because if a car hits you, your brain will splat open, and kids like me will spend their time waiting for the cars to go by so they can cross the street looking for bits of your brain the ambulance might have left behind in the bushes.

Don't get a pet that poops in your hand.

Don't scare your little brothers.

If you don't want a secret spread around, don't tell it to Scott Stamphley.

You should only say nice things to your friends, even if they're not true.

Brothers - and parents - can be very insensitive.

You're not supposed to hate people, especially grown-up people.

It doesn't count if it doesn't hurt.

You can't let your family move into a haunted house.

If someone is yelling from excitement, the polite thing to do is yell back.

Whatever Brittany Hauser says, just do it if you know what's good for you.

Never be catcher when Brittany Hauser is up to bat.

Licorice is gross.

You can never make a second first impression.

It's not polite to correct a grown-up.

Don't put your cat in a suitcase.

Listen politely when a grown-up is telling you something, even if you already know it.

You can't let your guests starve.

When you do something wrong, always apologize (even if it's not entirely your fault) - you can always explain later.

If you get a new best friend, it's rude to show off about it.

Say thank you when someone gives you a compliment even if you aren't sure it's a compliment.

Pretend like you don't care when someone is insulting you, and don't cry. That way, you win.

Sometimes (but not always) it's better to just keep things to yourself.

When you finally figure out what the right thing to do is, you have to do it, even if you don't want to.

When you are setting a turtle free and people are chasing you, the best thing to do is hide.

You can't take your rocks with you.

Celebrities live by a different set of rules than the rest of us.

Even if someone gives you something that you don't really want, you should still say thank you - if it is something they meant kindly.

Don't judge a house by how it looks before you fix it up.

Don't be a braggart.


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