Allie Finkle's Rules (Best Friends And Drama Queens)

From the book Best Friends And Drama Queens by Meg Cabot

Chapter 1

Allie Finkle's Rules

It's the thought that counts.

The best part about the holidays is showing all the cool stuff you got to your friends.

As a big sister it's your job to take care of your brothers and not punch them in the arm and make them drop their new bikes in the snow and get them all wet.

It's okay to lie if the lie makes someone else feel better.

Wearing the fact that you are talented on your T-shirt is always a smart move.

Friendly people don't tell other people that their games are babyish.

You aren't supposed to hate people.

Boys can seriously be so stupid sometimes. Also deeply thoughtless.

Just because something is popular doesn't mean it's good.

Lying doesn't solve anything. Usually.

Sometimes you have to use your reasonable voice to get what you want. Especially with boys.

If someone is having a party and doesn't invite you, just have your own party and don't invite her (and make your party better).

One way you can tell that people are talking about you is if they look over at you a lot while they are talking to other people.

It's impolite not to bump someone's fist when they are fist-bumping you.

The worst thing that can happen is for your secret crush to know your secret, and for it not to be a secret anymore.

Older siblings are better than younger ones because they have already been through everything that you are going through and can Show You the Way.

Sometimes it's better just to say things will be okay to make other people feel better.

You're only a big baby if you let yourself think you're a big baby.

Horses are way better than boys who want to go with you.

Speak softly to your neighbor.

You're supposed to do what your parents say.

Parents are supposed to protect you from getting hurt.

Moms are like that.

Tacos make everything better. Well, almost everything.

Snow boots may not look as good as high-heeled, zip-up boots, but they will never let you down.

It's wrong to take delight in the pain of others.

All you need is best friends.


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