My expanding belly

My expanding belly

This is just a small story on what goes on in my life and what things I like to do in my spare time. If you don’t like it just don’t read it hope you have a fantastic day don’t forget to stuff that belly!

Chapter 1

Me and my belly

Age: 14

height: 179cm

weight: 87kgs (190lbs)

lets start off with my favourite things to do:

I absolutely love eating and my fav foods are apple crumble with ice cream on top or simply stuffing myself with a tub of Nutella. I’m very passionate about the sport I play Australian rules football (search it up too hard to explain). I also spend way too much money on shoes and Xbox games (massive rainbow six siege fan). Most of my live I’ve found fat or fat people interesting, loves to wear old shirts, shorts and get all nostalgic about how fit I was. When I get bored I usually just eat play Xbox or watch weight gain vids. Speaking of weight gain I love just stepping on the scales and seeing those numbers go right up. Both winter and summer are good because summer means more time at the beach and winter is just fun for wearing a jumper and the sport I play starts up

things I hate:

Ok public transport is just disgusting and full people who smell like gamer nerds and the bus drivers are brain dead, I absolutely hate running because my thighs feel so sore from the rubbing, I hate walking long distances again because of my thighs and I can’t forget stairs they’re just pointless WHY CANT YOU MAKE AN ELAVATOR. I hate jeans because they never fit me and I’ve had embarrassing experiences with them. People who act depressed for attention are just frustrating and I bet most people would agree. I hate dressing nicely because I where the clothes out once then they never fit again, plus there to expensive.

P.S if this isn’t well written I’m really tired so sorrryyy


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