Toney the Tiger Love Storey!! (READ THE INTODUCTION)

Okay so like once like there was like a once in a like-life time storey and like it was so much just liek a once in a like lifetime loEV!! So like, basically the toney man is a tiger and YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IN THIS spine chilling horror NOVEL

Chapter 1

CHAERPT 5; The Elvins Prieosly!

So there was once was be there a man who was not so manlely, FOR HE HAD abbs as hard a a fluffly marshmalloe. He has 2 abbs,. But when you look closer into thos abbs on the inside there are two morre flabbs. Anywai, can you guess who that man thos be>>!!!?!?!?!?! NONE OTHER THAN THE ELVIS MAN. He qouckly got out from his coffin and got some bedpoast to eat. "WhatAE Loevly day to do some things, be like those thingys are they be thyne clipping grass which I do that usualley with my teonael clipping uttinsel." He swiftly smelled out of what would be his eers and he desided that he was BEING WATCHED BY NO OTHER THANNNNNN..................... Toey the TIGGEI!!!! He quicky got out of his pagamaes which was a white, disco suit, and he was then and heading to the neares bedpoat to see thaot toNAEL THE TIGEY WAS EETING THE PRESIOUS STACH OF NOESHAER CLIPPINGS ON HIS BED AND IT WASNOENt FROSTEY flockS!!!!! Elvis say, "Im creing in hairor toeneil tiger tha! WHY DID YOU WANT TO EAET THE STASH OF HAIRS ON BED BED HAIRS ON MY HAIrY BED?!??!????!?!" SO as usually the elVISN pule out his shot gun from the kitchen and he was now shooting the haers on bed so theyd become all crispy and toeney wouldnt like krisped toenale haire anymoerer.

CHAPOER 433:No moer toehair

  1. elvis went to the elvins palace, which was just a hueg castale in northern germaney and it was so larg that it streched all the way to China and it was just a larg big huege cartstal taht witch had elvis's face all over the wallpaper and the flooring WAS elvis faec too. So its reeely just a boig certal with elvins faec on it and stuff Anyway, so basically
  2. he took toe tiger there and dyed him ponk (the lite reod coler) So
  • he would suffer for the all of enternitey.



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