Test your HIM knowledge

by: Brandiheartagrams

Think you know all there is to know about HIM and the band members? See if you really know them as well as you think!!!

  1. 1

    What is vocalist, Ville Valo's, middle name?

  2. 2

    The following are lyrics to which of their songs?: "I know how it feels to be on your own, in this cruel world where hearts are bound to turn to stone, where you are alone. and tired of breathing..."

  3. 3

    In what year, originally, was the band formed?

  4. 4

    HIM did a cover of a song called "Wicked Game". Who was that song originally written and performed by?

  5. 5

    What is the title of HIM's first studio produced album?

  6. 6

    Before the band's name H.I.M.(His Infernal Majesty) was changed to simply HIM, there was a lot of skepticism as to what the acronym stood for. Ville once made a joke, saying it stood for...

  7. 7

    On the album Venus Doom, Ville Valo composed a song inspired by a close friend of his who sadly, commited suicide in 2005. Which song is it?

  8. 8

    Which band member has a nasty habbit of throwing temper tantrums, which have resulted in several broken cell phones?

  9. 9

    The following are lyrics from which of their songs?: "I know it hurts too much. I know that you're scared. I know you're running out of trust. wishing you were dead"

  10. 10

    Which member of the band's birthday is on thanksgiving? (november 22nd)

  11. 11

    How many studio albums has the band released?

  12. 12

    Bam Margera has directed how many of HIM's videos?

  13. 13

    What is bassist, Mige's, favorite movie?

  14. 14

    Which HIM band member plays the drums in the side project band, Daniel Lioneye and The Rollers?

  15. 15

    HIM did a cover of a song called "Don't Fear the Reaper". Who was the song originally written and performed by?

  16. 16

    The following are lyrics to which of their songs?: "Darling take me home, to the castle made of skulls and bones. Sing me a song to remind me where i belong, in your arms..."

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