How Responsible are you?

by: ljberga
  1. 1

    Do you go to school on a regular basis?

  2. 2

    When you're absent, do you make up the work?

  3. 3

    Do you take care of things when others don't take care of them?

  4. 4

    In your spare time, do you do what's important or just goof off?

  5. 5

    On a scale of one to five, one being the lowest, how important is school to you?

  6. 6

    How much do you usually do with chores?

  7. 7

    Do you do class work every day?

  8. 8

    Do you make sure to study for tests?

  9. 9

    Do you ever skip class?

  10. 10

    Do your friends trust you?

  11. 11

    Do you ever do poorly on your chores so others have to do them instead?

  12. 12

    How often are you stuck with others chores?

  13. 13

    How much time do you devote to learning?

  14. 14

    How often do you help keep the house tidy?

  15. 15

    Do you plan out your week for your homework?

  16. 16

    Do you have certain days where you do chores?

  17. 17

    How often do you reply to your friends?

  18. 18

    Does your family depend on you for money?

  19. 19

    Do you make sure to keep your friends in the loop?

  20. 20

    Do you help around the house?

  21. 21

    Do you do your chores with others?

  22. 22

    Do you take care of your friends?

  23. 23

    Do you make the plans to hang out?

  24. 24

    Do your friends depend on you?

  25. 25

    Do you take care of your family?

  26. 26

    Do you go the extra mile for your family?

  27. 27

    With your personal space, do you often keep it clean or allow things to pile up?

  28. 28

    What kinds of things does your family expect from you?

  29. 29

    Do you do your homework every day?

  30. 30

    Do you complain about the chores in your house?

  31. 31

    Does your family depend on you?

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