WWYFF Vampire, Demon, or Neko? 16 (Preferably For Girls)

by: Green_Girl

Ok you guys this is the finale, but don't worry I have already begun coming up with a new one. It should be up maybe next week..... I hope. Enjoy and have fun.

  1. 1

    I closed my eyes ready to accept the end. I stood there waiting and waiting. I looked to see whats taking so long. I saw Stallion on top of Shane.

  2. 2

    Eli came in along with Shun. "Kill him, Stallion, kill that f--king bastard," Eli said with fire in his eyes. I went over to Shane and Stallion. I pulled out the dagger out of Shane's hands.

  3. 3

    I smiled at Stallion and Shane. "Well, thank you for giving me a good laugh," I laughed devilishly. I sliced Shane's head off.

  4. 4

    "Good job, Destiny," Eli patted my shoulder and knelt down to Shane. "What makes you think you guys won't end up like him," I said while titling my head.

  5. 5

    "What do you mean," asked Stallion. I just looked at all three of them and laughed again. "You see, I want to get rid of dead weight, which means....."

  6. 6

    "I will get rid of all of the people I don't like which leave me the one I love," I said devilishly.

  7. 7

    Ok well you chose who you want and the rest are dead. Srry, but I want to get started on the next one. I am srry if it sucked. Love ya.

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