wwyff: vampire, werewolf, angel or nephilim part 8

wwyff: vampire, werewolf, angel or nephilim part 8

by: CallMeGi

Hi guys:) so welcome to part 8, wow I can't believe how quick it's gone haha... Remember in the last part, you properly met your brother and then you heard Lucas scream. You're gonna find out what happened now so I hope you enjoy this part!

  1. 1

    You jump up and push past all of the other guys to get to Lucas. When you see him, he is laying on the doorstep in a pool of blood with a wooden stake in his stomach.

  2. 2

    You run over to him and kneel beside him, he looks up at you and says "pull...the stake...out". You're scared but you do it, hoping it will relieve him of his pain.

  3. 3

    The other guys come running over to you both, all looking scared and concerned. "Lucas, did you see who did this to you?" asks Adam. " Yes...it was him. He had...a message..."

  4. 4

    They ignore your question, instead Adam asks Lucas: "what was the message?" "he gave me this" Lucas said givin Adam a note. Adam read the note outloud: "I told you this would happen if you all carried

  5. 5

    "Come on, we need to get him to his room" says Brad. All of the guys lift Lucas up and start to carry him up the stairs. "Is there anything I can do?" you ask. "Just to let him rest. He can heal

  6. 6

    The guys all go in to Lucas' room, leaving you just standing there. You wait for someone to come back, and the first person down is Thomas. "Is he going to be okay?" you ask him. "Only time can tell..

  7. 7

    You two walk in the kitchen, soon followed by the others, minus Lucas. "So what should we order?" asks Jai.

  8. 8

    After your food has been ordered, you all just sit at the dining table silently. Suddenly, Brad jumps up and starts cringing saying "What. Is. That. Noise?!" "Dude, what noise?" asks Jai, with a

  9. 9

    Brad starts to scream whilst still holding his head. You get closer to see if he's okay. Then he throws his head back and growls, his eyes turning blood red. You jump back in fear as he starts running

  10. 10

    And I'm leaving it there :) I hope you liked it and I'm not actually sure when the next part will be up... Please comment and rate, I'd appreciate it! See you next time!

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