wwyff: vampire, werewolf, angel or nephilim part 2

by: CallMeGi

Hey guys:) so I've had a bit of trouble with this part and had to recreate it (I made a story explaining it all) so this won't be as good as I'd originally planned, buy I will try my hardest to make it again and I hope you all like it. Remember to comment, rate and add me :) enjoy!

  1. 1

    You wake up in the morning with a horrible headache from the night before. what is your first thought?

  2. 2

    You get up and start getting ready, and soon realise you don't have any clothes to wear. But then you notice a note on the floor by the door, you pick it up and it says: 'there are clothes in wardrobe

  3. 3

    After getting dressed you head downstairs. You don't know where you're going and accidentally walk into someone. "sorry" you say as you look up. You see a pair of big brown eyes gazing at you. "that's

  4. 4

    Brad leads you down a corridor into a big kitchen. There are two other guys in the room, one is cooking pancakes and the other is sitting at a table watching tv. The blond one cooking and looks over

  5. 5

    "how do you know my name?" you ask. "well, we've been watching you for a while, but not in a stalker way!" Adam replies. "okay... why?" "I think you should eat breakfast first then we'll tell you"

  6. 6

    As you finish your food, somebody barges into the room and falls flat on the floor. The guys start to laugh as the other one gets up looking angry. "why did nobody tell me she was here?!" his voice is

  7. 7

    "woah lucas, calm down a little!" says Adam. "calm down?!" "yes, you're scaring her!" "oh shut up! I'm leaving!" "Lucas, don't! You need to get back-" Lucas leaves the room and Adam follows after him

  8. 8

    The room goes silent as neither you, Brad or Jai know what to say. Suddenly Brad jumps up and offers you his hand, you stare at him confused for a bit until he says "you still want that tour?" so you

  9. 9

    And I'm leaving it there :) I hope you enjoyed it and I'm sorry if it isn't that interesting yet but I'm trying to get into the story haha:) will add another part if I get enough responses:) remember

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