wwyff: vampire, werewolf, angel or nephilim

by: CallMeGi

Hey guys:) so I've seen quite a few of these but I've been really interested in doing one. I will try my hardest to make them good, and I hope you all enjoy:) please comment and rate!

  1. 1

    You are on your way home from your friends house when you realise you have left your phone there

  2. 2

    You turn back around and head back to her house. It starts to get dark really quickly and soon you can barely see anything. Then you start to hear slow deep breathing from behing you. You:

  3. 3

    The breathing stops, so you look around to see what it was. Suddenly, you feel someone grab your shoulders and throw you on the floor. You hit your head and everything starts to go blurry,you think...

  4. 4

    Everything is fuzzy but you can make out a tall figure coming towards you. Then somebody kicks him and he goes flying, you hear a scream of pain and annoyance. The person who saves you then bends down

  5. 5

    About ten minutes later, the flapping slows down and you are being gently placed on something soft, that feels like a bed. You hear a door walk in and more footsteps

  6. 6

    "Is she alright?" says one voice. "Where did you find her?" asks a second. "She's unconscious and I found her in the street being attacked, he was about to kill her" says the voice closest to you. "If

  7. 7

    And I'm leaving it there:). Hope you liked it, I will only continue if I get comments and people have actually taken it haha, there is no point in carrying on if not. I enjoy them so please comment:)

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