Which Superhero Are You?

Which Superhero Are You?

by: QuietConfidence

You will end up as one of these: Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Iron man, Captain America, Wolverine, Thor, or Hulk. Some questions will be obvious, others, not so much. Be honest!

  1. 1

    What does your suit look like?

  2. 2

    Would you kill?

  3. 3

    Your favored weapon?

  4. 4

    What do you do when you aren't fighting?

  5. 5

    What would you be caught doing at a nightclub?

  6. 6

    Your opinion of the world/any advice?

  7. 7

    Who is the most important, LIVING person in your world?

  8. 8

    In your group of people, what is your role?

  9. 9

    Your opinion of this quiz? Feel free to comment! I hope you like what you got. See ya!

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