What Kind Of Guys Do You Attract?

What Kind Of Guys Do You Attract?

by: BullsInTheBronx

That picture has nothing to do with the quiz. Find out what kind of guys you attract, emo, scene, geek, jock, or player? Girls only, sorry guys.

  1. 1

    Okay, this is my first quiz so... I'm sorry if it sucks. Are you ready to go?

  2. 2

    Okay, first: what do you want to get?

  3. 3

    What Kind of music do you like?

  4. 4

    Which is your favorite out of all of these?

  5. 5

    what do you do on the weekends?

  6. 6

    What best describes your personality?

  7. 7

    Pick A smiley

  8. 8

    Will you follow me?

  9. 9

    Well, let fate decide!

  10. 10


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