Sister of the Gods wwyff/wwffy part 9

Sister of the Gods wwyff/wwffy part 9

by: Dreaming_Heaven

You questioned Max and he got upset. You reviled a bit of your past and now tour! Cliché but needed…

  1. 1

    On your tour you learned about Ro's family and that they are all winged elves, he loves to garden, and has lived here for like, 400 years.

  2. 2

    Ro showed you around the floors and then to a corridor on the top floor

  3. 3

    “Ok so this is my room!” He opened the door to revile a room filled with paint, paintings and paint supplies, also gardening supplies. The walls were multicoloured; the bed was blue and had paint

  4. 4

    “This is Johnny’s’ room!” He opened the door, the room was yellow, and it was filled with different types of technology. The bed was covered in pom-poms. The door was yellow with cat pictures

  5. 5

    “Shawn’s room!” The door was green and covered in fake grass. The room was green and instead of a bed there was a basket in one corner. The walls were lined with books and there was a desk

  6. 6

    “Max.” The door was black with a toxic sign on it. The room was black and a hammock was in the centre of the room, and it was black. The walls were bare of anything, but these golden circles

  7. 7

    “Anthony…” The door was red with pictures of half naked women. The room was black and red; there was a table with the bottles of your blood still in them. The bed was black. The

  8. 8

    “Chase!” The door was white with cotton clouds. The room was a rich cream; there were desks and note books, and field journals, and weapons?! The bed was cream. The walls had book cases and

  9. 9

    “You! Lake!” The door was black with gold carvings engraved on it. The room was cream and different reds in wallpaper; there were desks and note books and lots of other things. The bed was cream

  10. 10

    Ro suggests you go down for dinner as its 7pm already. You head downstairs and Max is cooking.

  11. 11

    And you sit beside?

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