Sister of the Gods wwyff/wwffy part 7

Sister of the Gods wwyff/wwffy part 7

by: Dreaming_Heaven

The last one was a story in Johnnys’ P.O.V. They talked about why Anthony did this, about some girls, decoded a convo you had with the gods like, 490 years before and then Shawn came to get you.

  1. 1

    You listened to their conversation while you looked out the window, staring into the forests depths looking at the young pixies and elves as they dance round their fire in the middle of the forest

  2. 2

    Just as a young elf spotted you, you felt a breath on your neck and a hand on your hip, snapping you from your little wonderland…

  3. 3

    “Hi?” was all you seemed to be able to manage.

  4. 4

    Shawn spins you round and crashes his lips onto yours. It tasted earthy and sugary, it was passionate in a way you hadn't felt for years.

  5. 5

    You help him up and you two walk into the living room…

  6. 6

    “Please, Lake take a seat…” “Kay kay…” You sit…

  7. 7

    “Now Lake, we have something important to tell you. And we would appreciate it if you didn’t say anything until we finish. Ok?”

  8. 8

    (Chase ignores you) “Lake I know this is hard for you to hear, but you are in the Beta dimension, which is very far away from earth. And you can’t go home.”

  9. 9

    “Also we’re not human.” He stands up and two white wings that glow pop out from his back. And excitedly says bowing to you “My name is Chase De Clare. I am an Angel and am Prince

  10. 10

    Ro stands up as Chase sits and reviles two pointed ears and two blue dragon fly wings, and says, a bit too loudly, “I am Roland ‘Ro’ Sparks. I am a winged elf and am the Prince of the elves.”

  11. 11

    As he sits Shawn stands bows and grows a wolves tail and ears, “I am Shawn McAllister. I am a werewolf. I am also prince of the werewolves.” He grins at you, and winks as he speaks

  12. 12

    Johnny stood, bowed, and pointed to his ears, “I am quite obviously a Neko. My name is Johnny McCrudden. I also am a prince, just of the Nekos.”

  13. 13

    Anthony stands and bows “I, as you know am Anthony McAlay.” He kisses your hand and you raise an eyebrow, he flashes his fangs and continues, “And I, am a vampire prince.”

  14. 14

    When he sits everyone looks at Max, who just says, “What?” Ro shouts excitedly “Come on show Lake what you are!”

  15. 15

    You look at Max, he sighs stands up and two enormous, black and red angel like wings sprout from his back. Demon.

  16. 16

    He sighs “I’m Max Geramy. I’m a Demon. I’m a prince of the Demonics’ and I advise, if you wish to stay alive, that you steer clear of me, Anthony and Shawn on the night of a full moon.” He

  17. 17

    “So Lake,” Ro, “You got any questions?” “Yep four. Two for y’all and two for Max.”

  18. 18

    They look at you shocked. But they nod. And I’m gonna leave it there…so we have…

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