Matching Quiz: Funny Akatsuki Descriptions; Part 1

Matching Quiz: Funny Akatsuki Descriptions; Part 1

by: ExShinobi

Jeeze the ideas I come up for quizzes.... anywayz this is a matching game, so match the name to the proper member.

I found the descriptions from pictures, so I did not come up with the ideas. Sorry there isn't one for Konan, I couldn't find one.

If you end up taking a liking to this quiz, don't worry! This is only part 1. So please rate, favorite, comment, and if you aren't a friend of mine already, send me a request! ^-^

I hope you enjoy the quiz.

  1. 1

    Aqua Mans Worst Enemy

  2. 2

    Over-Aggressive Girly Man

  3. 3

    Jack Skellingtons Long Lost Son

  4. 4

    The Mighty Mind Rapest

  5. 5

    Pinnochio Wannabe

  6. 6

    Stereotypical Evil Mastermind

  7. 7

    Flesh-Eating Freak Of Nature

  8. 8

    Whiney Out Of Control Vampire

  9. 9

    Mentally Unstable

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