Do you know your Youtube stars?

by: bella37181

I will write the titles of some Youtube videos they produced or starred in, see if you can guess who they are.

  1. 1

    Rapping Tv Shows, Dirty Laundry, Soul Toons 8, Video Game Song, Underwater Rap

  2. 2

    Bohemian Slide, iMouth, Looping Adventure, Smooth, Human Drum Machine, Toy Music, iFlip

  3. 3

    Unicorns are for gangstas, Darth Vader V.S Hitler, Nom Nom Nom Nom Babies, Football is kinda dumb

  4. 4

    Movie Villain Medley, Harry Potter in 99 Seconds, White Boy Rappin', Kid Roasts His Principal

  5. 5

    Lifescouts, Train Celebration, Stamina, Family Day

  6. 6

    What Hip Hop Taught Me Part 2, Drunk Christmas Tree Decorating, Things Guys Lie About, I Do My Boyfriend's Makeup

  7. 7

    Fun Science: Saturn, Super Survey, My Public Relationship, Doctor What

  8. 8

    How To Get Girls, Top 10 Best Prank Call Moments, Krispy Kreme Give-away, Cinnamon Challenge Gone Wrong

  9. 9

    Hollywood Tour Guide Douchebaggery, Christmas Shopping Prank With Mom, Cell Phone Crashing 2, Scaring Kids On Halloween!

  10. 10

    LITERAL Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Trailer, VOICEMAIL RANT, BABY GOLD DIGGER, HEELY COPS

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