Book of a beast 2 (WWFFY/ WWYFF)

Book of a beast 2 (WWFFY/ WWYFF)

by: I_Am_Kitty_Boo | View Questions

*Boo!! This is going to be a tour quiz
Deo: Hi Cheyenne!!!!!
Me: No!!!! U didn't finish ur homework!!!!
Tyler: Hi Liz!!!!!
Me: Anyways glares at Tyler This quiz is going to have u hanging out with Jacob
Jacob: why me
Deo: Yea, I wanted to do it!!!!!! Can I do the intro :D
Ron: eats a lollipop I want to do it!!!!!!
Me: No!!! I'm supposed ot do it!!!!!!! Agh!!
Tyler: what if I want to do it?
Me: No! John do the intro!
John: I'm not even in this quiz...*

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