Is it bullying?

by: Xx_basketballkat_xX

Comments and ratings are appreciated :-)

  1. 1

    A girl at school is constantly spreading mean rumors about other kids

  2. 2

    A girl from school texts you a bunch of texts telling you to die.

  3. 3

    An older boy accidentally walks into you, causing you to drop all of your books

  4. 4

    Your friend makes a remark about your jacket that you think is rude. You tell her, and she doesn't say anything insulting about it again.

  5. 5

    Your friend has starting saying super mean things to you these days, and won't stop

  6. 6

    Every day, a girl threatens other girls when they don't give her the math homework answers

  7. 7

    A boy at school teases the kids with special needs, then laughs about it with his friends

  8. 8

    Your friend Jenny comes to school all bruised one day. She says she is abused at home.

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