what avengers guy will you fall for? part 10 (i think)

what avengers guy will you fall for? part 10 (i think)

by: Ziggy_whysoserious_Rose

ok so i think this is number 10, i lost track but anyways xD Thor has 'rescued' you from Loki.
Please comment, rate and enjoy :P

  1. 1

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ So you arrive back at the mansion. The first person you want to greet is..

  2. 2

    Tony comes up to you, hugs you and whispers in your ear, 'i was coming for you, Thor just got there first' you chuckle and he smiles at you

  3. 3

    You sit down in the chair that Bruce offers you before saying, 'Hold on' looking around 'Where's Clint'. 'He left' Fury began, 'Said he was gonna look for you, we haven't seen him in weeks'

  4. 4

    Well i'm sure he'll be ok' you say standing up, 'i'm going to get some rest'. You head to your room and lie on the bed, you slowly shut your eyes. You begin to dream about....

  5. 5

    Your eyes flicker open and you see Thor standong by your bed, 'Morning' He says, 'uh yeah morning' you say rubbing your eyes'

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