guess the song

by: hamsterz101

guess the song these lyrics came from

  1. 1

    KATY PERRY:"and now is's clear to me,that everything you see,ain't always what it seems"

  2. 2

    OWL CITY:"freaked out dropped my phone in the pool again.checked out of my room hit the ATM.lets hang out if your down to get down tonight"

  3. 3

    DEMI LAVATO:"The day i just met you,you told me you'd never fall in love"

  4. 4

    NICKI MINAJ:"so if you need a hit then i'm with that bat"

  5. 5

    CARLY RAE JEPSEN"you seem too good,too good to be true"

  6. 6

    AVRIL LAVIGNE:" la lullaby help me sleep tonight"

  7. 7

    KE$HA:" lookin' for some trouble tonight.take my hand i'll show you the wild side"

  8. 8

    TAYLOR SWIFT:"when you said you needed space.what?"

  9. 9

    RIHANNA:"i've been everywhere,man looking for someone"

  10. 10

    ADELE:"I let if fall,my heart,and as it fell,you rose to claim it

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